Creators of the first truly parallax-free 360° camera

we dream with what if’s

At Circle Optics, our dream is simple – to provide 360° imaging data that will revolutionize the way we view the world.

We influence a culture of “What if?”

From this, we have created the opportunity to build Circle Optics as a world leader in 360° imaging.

We remain inspired each and every day to turn our aspirations into reality, and are looking for the right people who believe in our vision and the power of our brand.

What if you could capture fast and convenient 360° content?

At Circle Optics, we’ve created an immersive entertainment experience right at your fingertips with the world’s first-ever stitchless 360° camera – Hydra.

Hydra’s advanced and high-accuracy capabilities allow users to capture captivating content while solving today’s technological challenges in immersive entertainment, aerospace, and autonomous systems.

it all began with a what if

It all started with a vision. An aspiration. A dream.

Circle Optics Founder, Zak, strived to view the world from a different perspective. He asked himself, “What if I could virtually walk around the world?”

Before 360° cameras, images had to be stitched together to form a full view. With increasing demand and production costs to capture a 360° picture, this caused an evident gap in the industry.

Zak spotted this opportunity immediately and decided to create something revolutionary.

From there, his vision came to life and Hydra was born – the world’s first-ever 360° camera.

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we build with what if’s

Our mindset at Circle Optics is simple. We believe in people.

We strive to view the world from an outside lens. We started our company based off one compelling question, “What if you could map a digital twin of the Earth?”

Our success and vision has brought us profound collaborations that has allowed us to build our dreams into reality.


These principles have fueled us from within. They foster a shared sense of passion between our team that has allowed us to create breakthrough technology, distinguished research and prominent collaboration efforts towards achieving our vision.

When we are aligned in Know-How, Synergy and Innovation – anything is possible.

we innovate with what if’s


Circle Optics’ optimized camera technology will enhance situational awareness capabilities for aircrafts with its ability to capture adjacent fields-of-view without parallax distortion.


Circle Optics will further develop its novel camera structures to bring emerging capabilities to uncrewed systems and drones, such as HD mapping and navigation.


Circle Optics’ Hydra camera system will make capturing content for the entertainment industry more advanced, faster, and less expensive.

Are you a what-if’er?

We’re looking for talented dreamers,
thinkers, doers and what-if’ers