360° Pulse Magazine April 2024


These feature articles and quotes were extracted from conversations, blogs and podcasts included in our 2024 social media strategy to date. These pages represent only a sliver of a sliver of our activities and engagement with brilliant engineers and visionary leaders across aerospace, imaging and immersive technology verticals.

Explore the latest in innovation and expertise with our new magazine issue. This edition features an engaging discussion with Circle Optics’ Founder & CEO Zak Niazi and Chief Operating Officer Ian Gauger, alongside a spotlight on digital software engineer Grace Annese. We also introduce insights from Ashley Chung of SBIR Advisors, reflections from Google Street View’s founder Luc Vincent, and contributions from our interns in business and technology. Discover the development of panoramic photography and delve into Circle Optics’ advanced 360-Degree Camera Technology. Our magazine offers a comprehensive look at the people and technologies driving progress in immersive experience. Join us to learn about the cutting-edge advancements shaping our world.

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