360° Pulse Monthly August 2023

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August has been an incredibly productive month all of us.
As panoramic view camera-system innovators, we like to have a 360° view in how we think about our community.
We have just released our bi-annual magazine that features employees, optics professors, students, community leaders,
vendors and deep technology innovators.

All of us together are creating the future of imaging and entrepreneurship.

We are thrilled to releasing our September 2023 Magazine

These feature articles and quotes were extracted from conversations and blogs were included in our social media strategy from March 2023 to the present. They represent a sliver of a sliver of our actives and engagement with brilliant engineers and visionary leaders across aerospace, imaging and immersive technology vertical.

We also wanted to take some time and invite you to subscribe to our 360° Pulse Podcast. Our Founder and CEO Zak Niazi says, “This program is for underserved founders trying to start deep technology enthusiasts interested in frontier of innovation. Unlike merely piecing together off-the-shelf components, starting a deep tech company entails a unique challenge with little guidance available. Through 360° Pulse Podcast, we aim to inspire and guide those looking to enter this space, addressing a wide range of industries from self-driving cars to space exploration. If you want to exposure to the frontier of technology, science and innovation, this is the program to listen to.” 

Leading innovation in the realm of advanced optical technology, Circle Optics is proud to announce the successful completion of its project, Discovery, backed by an AFWERX grant of $750,000 (USD). The grant was awarded to develop a preliminary opto-mechanical design alongside a multi-telescopic camera channel breadboard. The end goal is to harness the potential of high-resolution, panoramic, swath-scan imaging of our planet. This project created the technology to take multiple high-resolution images and combine them into a single panoramic image. 

One of the groundbreaking outcomes of this technology is the potential for an arced array of adjacent narrow FOV (Field of View) CubeSat-sized telescopic cameras. This intricate design integrates a mechanical adjustment, ensuring precise image alignment between adjacent camera channels, eliminating any overlap, and ensuring seamless panoramic imaging. 

Discovery’s state-of-the-art technology aims to redefine the norms of geospatial imaging. With an unprecedented capability to increase both speed and accuracy, while substantially reducing revisit time, the new design allows for simultaneous image capture of adjacent areas. The implications of this are far-reaching; faster and more accurate imaging will enable a comprehensive, real-time understanding of the Earth’s surface and its unfolding events.  With a constellation of a few hundred satellites Circle Optics could provide continuous coverage of a high profile strip of earth at a continuous refresh rate. 

Traditional long range cameras have a narrow telescopic field of view that feels like looking through a straw. This technology opens up that field for the first time, creating a field of view as large as the customer wants for ISR applications, with superb range and resolution across the entire field.” said Zak Niazi, Circle Optics CEO.  

The completion of this project marks a significant milestone in the roadmap of Circle Optics. The company is dedicated to continuous research and development, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in optical technology. With this accomplishment, Circle Optics reiterates its commitment to contributing to a future where advanced imaging becomes an indispensable tool for understanding our ever-evolving world. “We’re here to shape the future technological landscape,” said Robert Metzger, Discovery’s Principal Investigator. 

We appreciate you being part of our community! 

Team Circle

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