360° Pulse Monthly – June 2024

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Circle Optics, Inc. has been selected by SpaceWERX for a Phase I STTR in the amount of $110,000. In partnership with NextCorps, the award supports customer discovery and supports customer discovery for space domain awareness.  Chief Research Officer Andrew Kurtz says, “Circle Optics’ imaging technology can enable enhanced space domain awareness for missions like TacRS and space debris remediation by capturing fast, high-resolution HDR image content within a wide field of view, enabling an object of interest to be analyzed to initially assess its threat level. Through this project, Circle Optics will further connect with the Space Force, TacRS experts, and others in this field to clarify Circle Optics’ fit to the mission needs and the specifications thereof.”


Circle Optics is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an AFWERX Tactical Funding increase of $450,000 to continue the development of the Hydra II system. This additional funding will support the integration of GPU technology. Circle Optics’ Chief Technology Officer, Allen Krisiloff shares his thoughts,“GPUs excel at the parallel processing necessary to achieve the high data throughput needed to assemble, stream, and store very large video images at very high frame rates. To extract the maximum value out of GPU hardware, our software algorithms must be optimized for massively parallel operations. The AFWERX Tactical Funding award provides the resources we need to revise and test our current code-base for the GPU environment.

ADDING BEnch Strength to Circle Optics

At Circle Optics, our team comprises deeply curious individuals dedicated to creating immersive experiences in aerospace, robotics, and entertainment. We are pleased to introduce Rhea Girish Koli, our new Strategic Business Analyst Intern from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School, where she is pursuing her MS in Business Analytics (MSBA).

We are thrilled to welcome back Benjamin Margulies to our dynamic team of imaging and optic expertise. Margulies just finished completed his BS in Optical Engineering at University of Rochester. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Margulies enthusiasm for innovation, appreciation for simplicity, and commitment to optimizing experiences make him a valuable addition to our team.

David Krauthamer, our new Software Engineer Intern at Circle Optics, has embarked on an impressive professional journey, marked by curiosity, dedication, and a passion for technology. Born in Florida and raised in Massachusetts, David’s early interest in computers and video games led him to pursue a career in software engineering. His academic path took him to Hoboken, New Jersey, where he just graduated with a BE in Electrical Engineering and a focus on software from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Circle Optics 360° Pulse PodCast

One of the benefits of belonging to the GENIUS NY cohort community is access to experienced advisors. Our most recent episode of #360Pulse #Podcast allows you a sliver of a sliver of the level of expertise in that community ~ Marc Viggiano, CEO and Founder of Niteopark. With over 35 years of experience, Marc develops advanced sensor and communication systems, holds multiple patents, and leads transformative growth in his career, including a significant 40X exit with Sensis. We dive into his leadership philosophy, strategies for building successful businesses, and insights on the future of technology.

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