Optical Intern Benjamin Margulies Shares His Circle Optics Experience



Circle Optics is headquartered in Rochester, New York, the epicenter of innovation in optics. Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester both have incredible programs in optics and imaging. We love the synergy among the schools and especially working with talented and dynamic students.
We wish Benjamin Margulies a great semester and look forward to seeing his evolving contribution to optics and imagining.

We have a team built on know-how / synergy / innovation. Benjamin Margulies, University of Rochester Intern, was a great addition to our dynamic team of imaging and optic expertise.

“Ben came to us ready to make a positive impact on, and contribute to, Circle Optics’ engineering efforts. He was able to grasp our opto-mechanical challenges and join in on the use of complex optical alignment equipment and fixturing. This afforded him the ability to make well-thought-through suggestions for improvements. His abilities go beyond the academics, with practical experience and skills such as mechanical aptitude and dexterity. We could leave him alone with confidence in the work he would do. I appreciated Ben’s sincerity as a person and team member. Jokingly, Ben asks, ‘What are you going to do without me?’ Well, we’ll just call him.” – Mechanical Engineer Bob Stanchus.

Diving Deep into Optical Engineering: My Journey with the Hydra II System

When I look back at my time spent diving into the realms of optical engineering, two significant projects emerge from the mosaic of experiences: building the Hydra II channels and embarking on an Entrance Pupil (EP) study of the Hydra II system.

Building Hydra II Channels with a Twist

The journey of constructing the Hydra II channels was one that saw us traversing from Monroe Community College to University of Rochester, and finally finding our way back to NextCorps. This wasn’t just another project for me. It was a voyage, a culmination of my collaboration with Mechanical Engineers Cody Hatch and Bob Stanchus. The significance of our work can’t be emphasized enough, as it played a pivotal role in shaping the Hydra II system.

Oh, and did I mention the fun side of it? Not many can claim to have a college memory of getting paid in beer for building cameras, but thanks to Circle Optics Founder & CEO Zak Niazi.

Entrance Pupil Study: A Blend of Theory and Practice

The EP study was another cornerstone of my exploration into optical systems. Split between intricate computer modeling and practical lab experiments, this endeavor opened my eyes to the magic of geometrical optics. Through this study, I was able to validate crucial properties of the low parallax solution.

Circle Optics: A Learning Curve

While my academic pursuits have been enriching, it was during my time with the team at Circle Optics that I got a holistic view of the industry. Here, I learned about the revolutionary solutions Circle Optics is introducing to the optical market. From understanding the intricacies of building the Hydra II channels to diving deep into the unique properties of the entrance pupil and parallax, every moment spent here added a layer to my foundation in optical engineering.

My Academic Aspirations

Currently, I’m immersing myself in the world of Optical Engineering at the University of Rochester. My eyes are set on achieving a Bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master’s. As I navigate through these academic waters, my overarching goal remains to be at the forefront of optical technologies, shaping the innovations that redefine our relationship with imaging. 

You can read more about Benjamin Margulies in our Intern Spotlight.

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