Building Solutions to Interesting Problems with David Krauthamer

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David Krauthamer, our new Software Engineer Intern at Circle Optics, has embarked on an impressive professional journey, marked by curiosity, dedication, and a passion for technology. Born in Florida and raised in Massachusetts, David’s early interest in computers and video games led him to pursue a career in software engineering. His academic path took him to Hoboken, New Jersey, where he just graduated with a BE in Electrical Engineering and a focus on software from Stevens Institute of Technology.

David’s choice of Stevens was influenced by their robust co-op program, which allows students to gain practical experience alongside their academic studies. The five-year program includes four years of coursework and a year of full-time work at different companies. This structure provided David with valuable hands-on experience, preparing him well for his role at Circle Optics.

During his time at Stevens, David decided to major in electrical engineering, recognizing that this would give him a strong foundation in both hardware and software. This decision was driven by his high school experiences, where he took programming classes and worked on projects involving microcontrollers, combining hardware and software elements.

David’s interest in software engineering was sparked early on by his love for computers and video games. He quickly realized that programming was his path forward and chose to study electrical engineering to gain a comprehensive understanding of both hardware and software. This strategic decision has equipped him with a unique skill set that is highly valuable in the tech industry.

One of David’s significant accomplishments was his senior design project, where he and his team created a system to monitor stray cats. This project required collaboration and synergy, with each team member specializing in different aspects of the project. David was responsible for training a model to detect cats, while his teammates focused on hardware and integrating various components. This experience highlighted the importance of teamwork and collaboration, core values at Circle Optics.

Chief Technology Officer, Allen Krisiloff explains David’s role at Circle Optics, “His student projects and his part-time jobs helped him to integrate his abstract course work in electronics and software with the challenges of making things work. David effectively understands the interplay of application software, digital hardware, and operating systems.His first tasks at Circle will be to improve the speed of Circle’s 360 video by integrating code with graphical processing units.”  

David is excited about the iterative and feedback-oriented culture at Circle Optics. He believes that being able to ask for and receive feedback is crucial for personal and professional growth. His main interest lies in building solutions to interesting problems, and he aims to remain hands-on in his work rather than moving into a managerial role. His ultimate career goal is to become a principal engineer, where he can continue to innovate and solve complex problems. David expressed, “I always want to be hands-on, building solutions to interesting problems. My goal is to become a principal engineer, where I can continue to innovate and tackle complex challenges.

In his free time, David enjoys tinkering with his home server, playing video games, and engaging in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. His curiosity and love for technology extend beyond his professional life, making him a well-rounded and passionate engineer. He stays updated with the latest advancements through YouTube, Hacker News, and, which he frequently checks for interesting and educational content.

David’s journey is also influenced by his love for science fiction and fantasy literature, with “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, being one of his favorite books. This genre not only fuels his imagination but also aligns with his interest in science and technology.

We are thrilled to have David Krauthamer on our team at Circle Optics. 

Circle Optics Relationship with Stevens Institute of Technology

We are building camera systems that have never been built before and work closely with research institutions including Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens Institute of Technology tag line is Inspired by Humanity, Powered by Technology. Steven’s Professor Kevin Lu articulates our alignment, “We are currently working to help Circle Optics accelerate video processing, encoding, and streaming via their camera systems. I am very aligned with their mission as a B Corporation to create value for the entire ecosystem. Circle Optics camera technology can be used a lot for humanity. Examples include forest fire detection and prevention, quality of air and water surveillance, and many educational use cases. Circle Optics will play a very significant role in mixed reality and automation. ” 

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