At Circle Optics, our core foundation is committed to three values:




We are an empowered team that strives to continuously evolve our mindset, and we’re always looking for unconventional thinkers who want to join our mission.

Are you driven by the human-centered curiosities of the world? Do you believe in the power of technology and its connections? If so, we encourage you to stick around – this could be your next best adventure.

If you have the qualities to embrace our principles in Know-How, Synergy, and Innovation, we would love for you to apply to join our team.

Circle Optics might be the place where you can make your mark on the world. Just ask yourself – “What if?” That’s what we did.

Circle Optics Mindset

Our mindset at Circle Optics is simple. We believe in people.

Humans are fundamentally curious and imaginative. It’s what drives us towards innovation and exploration.

At Circle Optics, we strive to view the world from an outside lens. We started our company based on one compelling question, “What if you could map a digital twin of the Earth?”

Our curiosity has led us to ground-breaking discoveries. And we plan to continue to evolve our mindset and always ask ourselves “What is possible?”

Our success and vision has brought us profound collaborations, including some of the best R&D technologists in optics. The know-how behind these individuals has led us to build our dreams into reality.

We believe in the synergistic relationship between education, local and national organizations and our investors. The compound effect of aggregate resources and talent allows us to innovate while continually asking ourselves more powerful questions that lead us one step closer to achieving our vision.


Circle Culture

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