Circle Optics Participates In NextCorps’ Manufacturing Accelerator


Circle Optics is gearing up to full-scale production and participating in NextCorps' Manufacturing Accelerator.

Rochester, New York, is globally recognized for cutting-edge developments in smart energy, research and development, health imaging, food and beverage manufacturing and especially optics and imaging. Circle Optics’ headquarters is located in the heart of the city at NextCorps. One of the benefits of being at NextCorps is participating in their many resources to help accelerate both growth and scale manufacturing capabilities. We are currently participating in the Manufacturing Accelerator and feel it is a program to amplify.

What Is the Manufacturing Accelerator?

This course led two times per year is designed to help early stage manufacturers get to full-scale production faster through the use of materials that are based on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) framework of Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL).

Who Funds The Manufacturing AccElerator?

The program is funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which also funds the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).  

What Are the Key Program Objectives?

The key objective is to help the Start-Ups to prioritize their funding and technical resources so that they get to full-scale production faster and at lower cost. Here are some core themes that are customized based on the needs of the existing participating companies.

Who Leads The ManUfacturing Accelerator?

The instructors are coordinated by Mike Marvin (NextCorps Coordinator).   Each session has a different instructor with expertise on the particular topics. Mike Riedlinger, the developer of the curriculum, is available in each session to help with questions.

What Does Circle Optics HOPE To Gain In the Program?

Circle Optics hopes to learn and use the tools to bring us to full-scale production, which is at Level 8 of the MRL. According to Senior Optical Systems Engineer Robert Metzger, “I am greatly enjoying the Manufacturing Accelerator, and am confident that the skilled instructors with their extensive wealth of knowledge, and valuable tools being taught will guide Circle Optics to successful full-scale production of our products.”

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