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Circle Optics is a beacon of innovation, characterized by its vibrant culture of synergy and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and personal development. This ethos is vividly embodied in the actions of employees like Carlos Terrero and Cody Hatch, who go beyond their engineering roles to foster education, mentorship, and community engagement, thus contributing significantly to the technology-driven future. The company's engagement with the FIRST Robotics Competition, particularly through Terrero's mentorship of the X-Cats team, underscores its commitment to nurturing the next generation of STEM professionals, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and real-world applications in education. Moreover, Hatch's foray into "no-code" software development through the NextCorps Embark program reflects Circle Optics' mission to make technological advancement accessible to a wider audience, showcasing a tangible path towards career transformation and innovation without traditional barriers. Together, these efforts exemplify Circle Optics' comprehensive approach to fostering a future where innovation, inclusivity, and practical skill development converge to create a dynamic and diverse technological landscape.

At the heart of Circle Optics lies a culture deeply rooted in innovation, know-how, and synergy. It’s a place where the drive to push boundaries is matched only by a commitment to excellence and collaborative growth. This ethos is personified by the dedication of their Senior Mechanical Engineer, Carlos Terrero, and Mechanical Engineer, Cody Hatch. Both engineers exemplify the company’s spirit by investing their discretionary time to not only advance their own knowledge and skills but also to create substantial value for others. Their involvement in initiatives beyond the confines of their day-to-day roles highlights a deep-seated belief in the power of education, mentorship, and community engagement to forge the path towards a brighter, technology-driven future. 

Recently Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) played host to the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, a testament to the vibrant collaboration between industry leaders and the next generation of innovators. With participation from over 50 schools and 83,000 student participants., the event underscored the significance of fostering interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among young minds. Among the event’s mentors was Carlos Terrero, who has been nurturing the talents of the X-Cats, the robotics team from Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, since 2001. 

Terrero’s deep commitment to the cause is evident. “Our team motto, ‘we build people, not just robots,’ embodies our collective purpose. It’s this that continuously draws me back year after year,” he shares. His words echo Circle Optics’ ethos of nurturing growth and fostering transformation, not just within the confines of technology but in the personal development of those involved. 

Echoing this commitment to growth and inclusion in STEM, X-Cats’ Pitt Boss Tuolumne Gildea remarked, “I think it’s awesome. I’ve learned so much from being on this team. Our core message is about engaging kids in STEM and demonstrating that people of color and women can excel in STEM fields.” This perspective is crucial to expanding the horizons of what is possible for future generations, aligning with Circle Optics’ vision for a diverse and inclusive technological landscape. 

The FIRST Robotics Competition also serves as an arena for participants to apply their skills in real-world scenarios, fostering a blend of competition and collaboration. Former X-Cats’ student team member and now mentor Aidan Sciortino, reflecting on his journey, noted, “The Robotics competition is fascinating because it presents young people with relevant and intriguing projects to tackle.” Sciortino attributes his career success to the confidence and leadership skills honed during his time with the X-Cats, underscoring the lasting impact of such programs. 

At Circle Optics, Mechanical Engineer Cody Hatch is leveraging the company’s residency at NextCorps in the Embark Program to build his proficiency in coding and website development. His journey into the world of “no-code” software development is chronicled in a blog series, offering insights into his learning process and the practical applications of his new skills. 

NextCorps Embark: Pioneering the No-Code Movement 

NextCorps Embark stands at the forefront of the no-code software development movement. This innovative, part-time training program is designed to transform participants into skilled “no-code” software developers in just six months, without the need for prior coding experience. The allure of the no-code movement lies in its accessibility and efficiency; developers can build sophisticated apps and websites by simply dragging and dropping visual elements, using intuitive platforms like, FlutterFlow, Zapier, among others. 

The significance of no-code development extends beyond personal skill enhancement. Individuals trained in this discipline can pursue lucrative careers as freelance or full-time developers, with the potential to earn $100,000+ annually. Additionally, these skills empower entrepreneurs to launch their startups with greater agility, bypassing the traditional hurdles of software development. 

A Mission to Empower and Innovate 

NextCorps’ Embark program is driven by a mission to cultivate a robust local workforce of no-code software developers. By equipping Rochester residents with cutting-edge skills, the program aims to catalyze career transformations and stimulate startup creation, positioning Rochester as a burgeoning hub for no-code technology talent. This initiative not only fosters individual growth and innovation but also contributes to the regional economy by nurturing a community of tech-savvy professionals ready to meet the demands of a fast-evolving tech sector. 

Through his initiative, Hatch is actively participating in Circle Optics’ core mission to democratize experiences. He is making software development more accessible and impactful for individuals and businesses alike. You can follow his technical journey on his blog.  

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