At Circle Optics, our core foundation is committed to three values:

  • Know-How
  • Synergy
  • Innovation

These values have fueled us from within. They foster a shared sense of passion between our team that has allowed us to create breakthrough technology, distinguished research and prominent collaboration towards revolutionizing 360-degree imaging.

From day one, we believed in our dream, but we knew we couldn’t go at it alone. We have developed a team of experts who strive to turn our inspirations into reality and solve life’s most compelling questions.

When we are aligned in Know-How, Synergy and Innovation – anything is possible.


Articulates vision while strategizing the big picture.

Identifies a critical path and strategy to achieve overall goals.

Deep need and respect for context – knowing the forest and the trees and the branches on the trees.

Distributes company processes in an understandable and shareable manner.


Understands how important each team member is and believes the sum is greater than individual parts.

Works together to ignite unique ideas using metaphors and analogies.

Engages group voices and perspectives, encourages participation and excitement.

Inspires others through shared values and visions.


Strives to understand how things work, innately curious.

Always pushes the boundaries, plans to take ideas to the next level.

Thinks authentically and with an original mindset, identifies new pathways towards discovery.

Early adopter, always wants emergent technology.