About Circle Optics
360-degree imaging is part of everyday life. Circle Optics technology is being designed to accelerate the delivery of life saving resources, ensure aerospace safety, enhance surveillance capabilities for protection, and transform immersive experiences.
Originally, the concept behind Circle Optics originated while Founder Zak Niazi was in college. His primary question: If Google has cameras on top of cars mapping the planet, why can’t we strap on a headset and roam around the world sharing live streaming images of the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Roman Colosseum? The reason that cannot be done today is because of the issue of stitching. Circle Optics has resolved the stitching problem by creating a patent protected method of aligning fields-or-view.
Zak spotted this opportunity immediately and decided to create something revolutionary.

His vision came to life and Hydra was created. Hydra is the world’s first truly seamless 360-degree multi-camera system.

At Circle Optics, we provide aerospace, autonomous systems and entertainment verticals with the most accurate imaging to support situational awareness and immersive experiences. Now with an expert engineering team with over 200 patents, Circle Optics is positioned to lead the frontier of 360-degree imaging.

Our vision is to provide 360-degree imaging data and technologies that will revolutionize the way you view the world.

From a question in college to one of Pepperdine’s Most Fundable Companies ™

Circle Optics was founded day one on the belief that technology has the power to enhance and further the human experience for the better.

We are a B-Corps to signal how we value our ecosystem — including the planet, shareholders, investors, employees and engineers across the globe.

Our technology enhances safety and democratizes immersive experiences.

Synergy is a big part of our value proposition and we have some profound collaborations, including some of the best R&D technologists in optics.

The compound effect of aggregate resources and talent between our expertise and collaborating with educational institutions, local and national organizations and our investors fuel innovation in the 360-degree imaging space.