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Circle Optics team members Ian Gauger and Jennifer Sertl met at the break of dawn on the first day of spring with digital documentarian John Kucko. We learned about John Kucko's professional journey and how he anticipates how 360-degree imaging will transform journalism. We have a corresponding podcast on Circle Optics 360° Pulse Podcast: Immersive Experiences & Innovation.

We have a legend in Rochester, New York: John Kucko. Most of you know him from his epic career as Sports Director at WROC Television Channel 8. He has covered the Buffalo Bills’ four Super Bowl teams, the 1989 US Open, the 1995 Ryder Cup matches, and the 85th PGA Championship at Oak Hill, where he anchored WROC-TV’s coverage of golf’s final major. John has been honored with the 1999 Lowell MacMillan Award for Local Sportscasting Excellence and has also been awarded five times by the Associated Press for Best Sports Coverage. He received ESPN’s ESPY Award for “Best Sports Moment in 2006.”

Over the past few years, he has been inspiring people all over the world with his “60 Seconds of Serenity” and all the beautiful sunrises across #UpstateNewYork. He refers to himself as a digital documentarian. His Facebook page has nearly 400,000 followers, and he can reach up to 15-20 million views each month. He attributes his success to his passion for sharing experiences and emphasizes the importance of capturing every moment, believing there is “no bad shot.” Technology has always been something Kucko has paid attention to, especially in sports, and sports viewers benefit from technology advancements.

We asked him about the future of 360-degree imaging in sports, and he believes that in the near future, cameras might even be placed on football players’ helmets.

Kucko’s passion for photography has taken him to new heights, allowing him to showcase the beauty of Finger Lakes and inspire others to explore the world through the lens of their cameras.

We are thrilled to have him as a champion for Hydra – the world’s only 360° seamless camera system.

You can watch our special feature with John Kucko on YouTube or listen to the program 360° Pulse Podcast – Immersive Experiences and Innovation wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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