Engineering Services
We design advanced panoramic cameras for the most cutting edge applications.
Circle Advantage

We are a specialty camera ODM, with advanced expertise in panoramic imaging technology.
Our team. has over 200 patents collectively and optic and camera expertise from IMAX, Kodak, L3Harris, Navitar Incorporated and others.

We can design to any sensor, with package sizes ranging from a golf ball to a beach ball. We have hit resolutions anywhere from 12 pixels per degree to over 2,000 pixels per degree.

Our panoramic camera technologies in general take one of three forms:

  • Full spherical
  • Hemispherical
  • Conical
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Include the following Fundamental Design Requirements in your inquiry
Target Resolution
Resolution output varies by system size. We design systems ranging from 10 –1000+ ppd
Physical Constraints
Customizable to fit your SWaP requirements
Spherical, Hemispherical, Conical and Custom
Desired FOV
FOV is a function of geometry