Meet Hydra!

the world’s first-ever stitchless 360° camera

Meet Hydra!

Zero-parallax, zero-stitching.

Freedom to capture.

With Hydra, you have the freedom to capture. Without limitations.

Instead of depending on overlapping stitched images to form a 360° picture, we have developed a method of aligning polygonal fields of view to fill a 360° sphere. This proprietary method eliminates parallax and makes 360° capture as easy as a point and shoot camera.

Hydra saves you time and money – creating cinematic content in an instant.

With Hydra’s ability to eliminate post-process stitching, there will no longer be exponentially high costs for frame rates, scene complexities and video lengths.

Hydra’s advantages don’t stop there. The power to create full spherical images allows you to generate a field of view that can reduce human error, simplify logistics, and minimize variations in lighting.

The future of cinematography is here – and now is your chance to be a part of it.

8k Resolution

12-Bit Color

60 FPS

Hydra’s Significant Specs

12-bit color

8k Resolution

60 FPS

32 Megapixels

360° x 300° FOV

11 f/2.0 Channels

8k Live Preview & Stream Capable

No Minimum Object Distance

Unified Equirectangular Image Output

Sub-Pixel Image Alignment

Hydra’s Dual-Use Technology

The Hydra Camera is a dual-use technology, designed for commercial and military purposes. Both of these industries benefit from this product due to its commercial abilities and high quality defense-ready technology.

Entertainment at the Edge

We’ve created an immersive entertainment experience right at your fingertips. With Hydra’s captivating and real-time 360° imaging data, you’ll capture a composition with the highest resolution on the market. At 8k, 12-bit color, your content is ready for the big screen or a live stream.

Photogrammetry with Higher Realism and Accuracy in Less Time

Defense: Create a digital version of the battlefields.

Commercial: Capture 360° photos to create more realistic 3D meshes in less time with higher realism than standard 2D cameras.

Easily produce 3D models of interior and exterior environments.

Virtual Reality at the Edge

Defense: Military virtual reality at tactical edge without any latency or post-processing. VR training is augmented with AI at the edge to detect people in real-time, including threats.

Commercial: Create content that enables people of all backgrounds to share experiences they otherwise may never have. Further worldwide education.

Space Rover

Defense: A Hydra camera mounted on the Space Rover can capture 360° images of Mars, and create public 3D models of other worlds for us to see in real-time. Circle received a NASA SBIR grant to research wide field of view imaging capability for space vehicles and unmanned air vehicles.

After Action Reports

Defense: Generate 360° video of events with data security and integrity for after-action reports.