Intern Spotlight: Benjamin Margulies


We have a team built on know-how / synergy / innovation. Benjamin Margulies, University of Rochester Intern, is a great addition to our dynamic team of imaging and optic expertise.

Benjamin Margulies’ journey from Knoxville, Tennessee, to the University of Rochester and his internship at Circle Optics exemplifies the power of pursuing one’s passions. With a strong foundation in optics and a love for the great outdoors, Margulies brings a unique perspective to the company. His enthusiasm for innovation, appreciation for simplicity, and commitment to optimizing experiences make him a valuable addition to the Circle Optics’ team. 

Margulies fascination with photography, instilled by his sister, sparked an early interest in optics. In high school, he had the opportunity to explore the field of optics during a physics class, which solidified his passion for the subject. When deciding on a university, Margulies was drawn to the University of Rochester for its robust optics program. 

Benjamin on his 143 mile trek along the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

Margulies’ experience as a photographer allowed him additional context to recognized Circle Optics’ innovative solution to mitigating common issues encountered in stitching panoramas and was eager to contribute to the advancements in this field.  

Margulies’ enthusiasm for innovation stems from his curiosity and desire to optimize everyday experiences. He stays updated on various technologies and scientific fields through YouTube science educators and creators who delve into the history and development of everyday technologies. The YouTube program Technology Connections is one of his favorites.

His interest lies in finding practical applications that enhance and simplify day-to-day life. 

Beyond his passion for optics, Margulies finds solace in the great outdoors. He enjoys photography, particularly capturing panoramas and stitching them together. Additionally, he indulges in activities such as hiking and backpacking, with a remarkable month-long backpacking trip in the Wind River Range of Wyoming under his belt. In that remarkable 143-mile, 28-day journey discovered the importance of perseverance and appreciation for the simplicity of life. 

Benjamin on his 143 mile trek along the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

“Iridescence in Motion.” People’s Choice 2nd place selection, 2021 U of R’s “Art of Science” completion.

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