Lunch & Learn Highlights: Behavioral Interviewing with Jennifer Sertl 

Jun 18, 2024 | Company Culture | 0 comments

by Rhea KolI, Strategic Business Analyst

Circle Optics‘ culture is built on innovation, know-how, and synergy. To foster these values among our employees, we have implemented Lunch and Learns. We believe these sessions provide an informal yet structured setting for continuous learning and professional development. By encouraging cross-functional collaboration and showcasing internal expertise, Lunch and Learns help break down silos and build community. In our most recent gathering, Circle Optics had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening Lunch & Learn session with our Director of Marketing , Jennifer Sertl on the topic of behavioral interviewing.

Understanding Behavioral Interviewing 

Behavioral interviewing is a structured approach grounded in the premise that past behavior predicts future performance. During the session, Jennifer emphasized how this method helps interviewers assess candidates by having them provide specific examples of how they have demonstrated particular skills and behaviors in previous roles. This approach not only evaluates a candidate’s qualifications but also their fit within the company’s culture. 

Key Insights from the Session 

1. Core Behavioral Questions

   Jennifer shared essential behavioral questions designed to uncover a candidate’s capabilities and compatibility. Examples included: 

   – Describe a time when you disagreed with a team member. How did you resolve the issue? 

   – Tell me about a time when you failed. 

   – Give me an example of when you had to assume leadership for a team. 

   – What is the most challenging situation you have faced in the workplace? 

2. Building Cohesive Teams

   Emphasizing the importance of behavioral interviewing, Jennifer noted that this technique helps build strong, cohesive teams. By understanding how candidates have handled past situations, companies can better predict their future behavior and ensure a good cultural fit, which is crucial for growth and sustainability. 

3. Customized Interview Guides: 

   Jennifer highlighted the need for tailored interview guides for different positions. She recommended conducting at least two rounds of interviews with different teams focusing on various aspects of the candidate’s experience and skills. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded evaluation. 

4. Addressing Bias in Interviews

One of the significant takeaways was the awareness of biases that can affect the interview process. Jennifer discussed the concept of “fast pass matching” and the importance of balancing rigor and compassion depending on the interviewer’s chemistry with the candidate. Understanding and mitigating biases can lead to a fairer and more effective hiring process. 

Jennifer’s dedication to leadership development and her ability to cultivate strategic skills were evident throughout the session. She offered to support the implementation of behavioral interviewing processes at Circle Optics and provided resources for further learning, including customized interview guides and recommended readings. 

Employee Experience

The feedback we got from our recently hired Strategic Business Analyst, Rhea Koli, was particularly insightful. Rhea shared, “My interview was very structured and aligned with the core values of Circle Optics, which are Know How, Synergy, and Innovation. The questions were tailored to my experiences and made me reflect on them in a different light than I had before. While answering the questions, I was able to identify the key skills that were valued for my role as a Strategic Business Analyst. This understanding not only helped me better prepare for my role at Circle Optics but also gave me a clear sense of what the company prioritizes in its team members.”  

If you would like to learn more about Circle Optics culture build on Innovation I Know-how| Synergy- you can read about our process: Leveraging Company Culture as A Flywheel for Strategic Growth.

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