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Circle Optics’ team had a great time capturing the RMSC community and sharing the most recent camera system, Hydra II. We loved seeing so many students, families, and community leaders. We know that there is a whole new generation of optical, mechanical, and software engineers who will cite April 8th as their moment of inspiration.

We took a deeper dive with RMSC Eclipse Partnerships Coordinator Dan Schneiderman. You can here our conversation on the #360Pulse #Podcast

 2024 WMBE Awards

The 2024 WMBE Awards ceremony celebrated the success of local businesses, with special recognition given to the top performers. Rochester Specialty Contractors claimed the top spot, recognized for their superior construction services and commitment to community and client satisfaction. Our team at Circle Optics was honored as the second-ranked business, acclaimed for our pioneering work in 360-degree imaging technologies that enhance situational awareness and immersive experiences. Farmhouse Table LLC was ranked third, celebrated for their dedication to providing high-quality, locally-sourced catering services that emphasize the importance of community-centric culinary experiences.

Zak Niazi, Founder and CEO of Circle Optics, stated, “It’s an honor to receive this award, particularly here in Rochester, NY. Rochester is a city that has been at the forefront of shaping minority rights across our country, from Frederick Douglass with abolitionism and the Underground Railroad, to Susan B. Anthony and her advocacy for women’s rights.”

AFWERX Tactical Funding increase

Circle Optics has been awarded an AFWERX Tactical Funding increase of $450,000 to advance the development of the Hydra II system. This funding will support the integration of GPU technology, enhancing the system’s ability to stream high-resolution 360-degree video in real time. The unique design of the Hydra line eliminates parallax errors, improving performance for tactical, educational, and surveillance applications.

Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training is critical for ensuring effective and safe coordination of air support in combat operations, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of joint military operations. This is the first use case research done by Circle Optics. 

Summer Reading Recommendations from Team Circle

At Circle Optics, we believe that innovators are readers. Our curated list of summer reading recommendations reflects this conviction, offering diverse insights that enrich our perspectives and inspire creativity.

From the compelling science fiction explorations of Edward Ashton in “Mickey7,” which delve into themes of identity and human resilience, to the practical advice in Cal Newport’s “Deep Work,” emphasizing the necessity of focused cognitive engagement in our distracted world, our employees and podcast guests contribute significantly to our collective knowledge.

Thomas Hertog’s work with Stephen Hawking provides a profound understanding of the universe’s origins, enhancing our appreciation for the theoretical underpinnings of our work. Meanwhile, Brandon Sanderson’s “Worlds of Radiance” series, with its detailed world-building and character development, inspires creativity.

The business strategies outlined in Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s “The Goal” remind us of the importance of efficiency and identifying constraints in our processes. Finally, Admiral James Stockdale’s experiences and philosophical insights offer valuable lessons in resilience and ethical leadership, proving crucial for personal and professional growth.

Each recommendation not only broadens our knowledge but also provides practical frameworks and inspiration applicable across our company and we hope your company as well.

We look forward to a great summer of synergy, innovation, and know-how!

Team Circle

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