Google is to Information.
As Circle is to Experience.

We believe people are innately imaginative and curious. We create technology that furthers the human experience.

“We live in an ever-changing world. Technologies need to evolve to keep up with these changes. Circle Optics is working to develop the next generation of technology to enable more persistent imaging to identify and respond to situations on the ground as they unfold,”
~ Zakariya Niazi, Circle Optics CEO.


The premise of Circle Optics technology is that our technology has the power to enhance the human experience for the better – accelerating mobility in robotics, increasing safety in aerospace and democratizing experiences through 360-degree imaging.


360-degree imaging is part of everyday life. Circle Optics technology is being designed to accelerate the delivery of life saving resources, ensure aerospace safety, enhance surveillance capabilities for protection, and increase immersive experience participation.

Different from other cameras on the market which work by combining overlapping fields of view, our technology works by aligning fields of view to produce a perfect 360-degree image. No distortion. One click and done.

  • We believe in a world where everyone has access to immersive experiences
  • We believe in a world where autonomous robots have situational consciousness, not just situational awareness

Target Markets

Robotics / Drones

$10B Industry

The drone industry is hampered by an inability to meet regulations to fly beyond line of sight of a human operator. Circle Optics is miniaturizing its novel camera technology under contract with NASA and NSF to enable drones to meet FAA regulations. 15 million drones are expected to fly beyond line of sight by the end of the decade, and they will need this solution to meet regulatory requirements.

Aerospace / Defense

$200M Industry

Persistent ground surveillance solutions scan our skies for threats including missiles, aircrage and UAVs to secure United States’ borders, but solutions today have narrow fields-of-view that operators describe as “looking through a straw.” Circle Optics is working with the Space Force to eliminate the straw-like view, giving full hemispheric coverage of the sky with resolution never before possible with our distortion-free optics.


$122M Industry

Capturing content for the immersive entertainment industry costs on average $10k per finished minute of video for stitching. Circle Optics’ Hydra camera system eliminates this cost and hassle. In an instant, content is ready for the big screen and live events can be streamed in 8k resolution and with 12-bit color to dome theaters and VR headsets.

Hydra II


Image Stitching is a process of to produce a segmented panorama or a high resolution image.

In countless product releases, 360-degree camera manufacturers are constantly boasting about “instant stitching” capabilities. However, to date, no manufacturer has succeeded in creating results that match what professionals would expect.
Since 360-degree cameras were first invented, the holy grail has been to develop a camera that requires no stitching. Until Circle Optics, no manufacturer has succeeded in creating results that match what professionals would expect.

Meet Hydra II

the world’s only stitch-free 360° multi-camera system

Stitching is done at the level of the lenses, so that you get a professional quality stitch every time.
Meet Hydra!

Hydra’s Significant Specs

Meet Hydra!

12-bit color

8k Resolution

60 FPS

32 Megapixels

360° x 300° FOV

11 f/2.8 Channels

8k Live Preview & Stream Capable

No Minimum Object Distance

Unified Equirectangular Image Output

Sub-Pixel Image Alignment

Hydra’s advantages don’t stop there. The power to create full spherical images allows you to generate a field of view that can reduce human error, simplify logistics, and minimize variations in lighting.

The future of cinematography is here – and now is your chance to be a part of it.