Revolutionizing Defense Training with Circle Optics’ Seamless 360-Degree Camera Technology  

May 31, 2024 | Company News | 0 comments



Circle Optics has developed the world's first stitch-free 360-degree camera, allowing Joint Terminal Aircraft Controllers (JTAC) to record live training seamlessly. This innovative technology, showcased at Soft Week, aims to enhance Department of Defense (DoD) training by providing a comprehensive review of live exercises. Unlike other market solutions requiring post-production stitching, Circle Optics offers a one-click solution, eliminating friction and facilitating adoption. This camera enables detailed playback and analysis of training exercises, improving tactics and procedures. Integrating such private sector technologies is crucial for the DoD to stay at the forefront of warfare capabilities.

Circle Optics has built the world’s first stitch-free 360-degree camera that allows Joint Terminal Aircraft Controllers (JTAC) to record live training for the first time in a seamless manner. We attended Soft Week for the first time to meet special forces and connect with the Department of Defense (DoD) to make them aware of this new capability. This technology is needed in the DoD today because our warfighters need to be more prepared for any adversary and any scenario. With these 360-degree cameras, they can capture live training exercises and play them back with an instructor to review what went wrong, better understand tactics, techniques, and procedures across different units. This will prepare our warfighters in ways that existing technologies have not been able to achieve. 

Our technology differs from other competing products in the market, such as Insta360 and Go Pro, in that all other solutions require stitching in post-production to edit the content after the fact. Our product offers a seamless, one-click solution for the user. Today’s Air Force customers need products that are frictionless. Any friction in the product leads to customers not adopting the technology. All other competing products in the market have some element of friction that restricts Air Force customers from seamlessly integrating them into their training pipelines. Our product reflects the Air Force’s need for seamless, intuitive 360-degree camera controls. 

The key for the defense industry is to get technologies from the private sector. The DoD wants these technologies to ensure they have the best capabilities for the warfighter. Therefore, networking with DoD executives and making your technology known is crucial. From the DoD side, it’s important to find products you love and champion those products. Startups and companies need end users within the DoD to champion their products and bring them to life. 

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain technologies are all changing the landscape of how warfare will be fought in the coming decades. Circle Optics has two choices regarding these technologies: we can either compete and be at the forefront, or we can fall behind our adversaries and enable them to leapfrog ahead of us in terms of technical capabilities. To mature these technologies in-house, we need to have a beginner’s mindset and constantly look for where these technologies are in the private sector, pulling them into acquisition as quickly as possible to get them up the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) curve and into the warfighter’s hands. 

Circle Optics Case Study – Fort Drum

Our team visited the 20th Air Support Operations Squadron at Fort Drum, hosted by Parker Gray, a Tactical Air Control Party Officer within the Air Force Special Warfare Community. We were privileged to gain a firsthand, immersive experience of a day in the life of a JTAC, participating in live training and witnessing drills and evaluations. We are immensely grateful to the entire crew for their service, skill, and generosity during our research phase, which has been invaluable in our ongoing efforts to support and enhance JTAC training. 

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