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“We live in an ever-changing world. Technologies need to evolve to keep up with these changes. Circle Optics is working to develop the next generation of technology to enable more persistent imaging to identify and respond to situations on the ground as they unfold,”
~ Zakariya Niazi, Circle Optics CEO.


Circle Optics’ optimized camera technology will enhance situational awareness capabilities for aircrafts with its ability to capture adjacent fields-of-view without parallax distortion. By producing perfect images in real-time, these systems will improve aircraft navigation and prevent potential collisions.

In late 2020, Air Force’s Technology Directorate (AFWERX) selected Circle Optics for a special topic STTR (Agility Prime, a non-traditional program seeking to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles) to build a 360° camera that enables complete situational awareness for eVTOLs. In 2021, Circle Optics completed an SBIR with similar goals for a group within NASA looking to further advance Urban Air Mobility.

Circle Optics’ patented camera technology provides the generation’s best optics for satellite safety in the Air Force with its ultra-high resolution, wide field-of-view, and low distortion capabilities. The Circle Optics team is currently developing preliminary opto-mechanical designs and a multi-telescopic camera channel breadboard to demonstrate the potential for high-resolution, panoramic, and swath-scan imaging of the earth. This capability will increase both speed and accuracy of simultaneous capture in adjacent areas.

Circle Optics will continue to deploy SBIR and STTR funds to fulfill Air Force and NASA customer needs, enhance capabilities, and provide solutions to benefit our warfighters and national security.

Autonomous Technology & Robotics

Circle Optics’ work in aerospace has been adapted to enhance autonomous systems, such as drones. From this, customer discovery has shown the significant benefits our technology provides for the increased autonomy of both terrestrial and aerial uncrewed systems.

Circle Optics will further develop its novel camera structures to bring emerging capabilities to uncrewed systems and drones. With the ability to enhance a wide range of autonomous imaging capabilities for drones, such as HD mapping and navigation, this will allow users to experience environments from entirely new perspectives.
As self-driving vehicles look to advance their systems, they need to be able to see and know where they are going. Circle Optics’ technology solves both of these challenges better than current alternatives on the market.
Circle Optics’ HD mapping capabilities produce better resolution and more reliable imaging data than other 360° cameras. Our optical alignment method and instant 360° imaging provides autonomous vehicles with the opportunity to see the entire landscape and object locations, without the risk of possibly missing imaging data.

Circle Optics’ camera systems will be a vital component to all stages of the autonomous industry as it continues to grow and advance in today’s digital age.


When it comes to an immersive entertainment experience, Circle Optics’ state-of-the-art technology should be top-of-mind.

Expert producers and directors understand the true value of the 360° space and the unique experience it provides to any audience, however, many have avoided 360° entertainment due to its complexities and added costs.
Circle Optics’ Hydra camera system will make capturing content for the entertainment industry more advanced, faster, and less expensive. Hydra is the only camera that can create content at the resolution needed for dome theaters – the next generation of cinema. Hydra’s unique architecture offers the ability to capture captivating and real-time 360° imaging data that will thrive in virtual reality and dome theaters. In an instant, content is ready for the big screen and live events that can be streamed in 8k resolution and with 12-bit color.
Circle Optics technology will spearhead the next evolution of entertainment.

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