Vendor Spotlight: Eberhardt Enterprises Inc.

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Circle Optics culture is built on Know-how | Synergy | Innovation. That is from the inside out and we apply the same filter to our customers, vendors and community at large. Eberhardt Enterprises Inc. has been a vendor partner with Circle Optics from the beginning. Some of the parts on our first camera system Hydra were done at Eberhardt Enterprises Inc.

We appreciate their culture built on Price |Quality | Delivery. As a precision manufacturing enterprise, they have a wide variety of equipment and an exceptional commitment to understand the needs and the vision of the customers. They are true partners and collaborators and create synergistic relationships with their customers.

Here is a sliver of a sliver of Peter Eberhardt’s journey creating Eberhardt Enterprises Inc.

My story begins in education – as learning is at the epicenter of success. I got a Bachelor of Arts with a physics and math major from Potsdam State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson. In 1979, fresh out of university at the age of 22, I started my career at General Motors. It was an exciting time, and I was filled with enthusiasm to contribute to the engineering field. At that time, the highest paid engineers were chemical engineers, and the starting salary of $22,000 felt like a significant achievement. I learned quickly that I needed more autonomy than General Motors could provide. In the following months, an idea began to take shape, fueled by my father’s experience working part-time for various shops in town. Together, we saw an opportunity to establish our own little shop. With determination, we rented a space, sought legal advice, and incorporated our business. 

Our first delivery was June 22, 1979, the same day Home Depot opened its doors. Which is a great story to share over a beer.  Throughout the years, we have tackled numerous projects, each demanding a fresh approach and innovative thinking. From lens barrels for Kodak’s laser projector to intricate components for high-precision systems, we’ve consistently delivered exceptional quality and precision. We have been making thousands of different items. Only once in our history did we encounter a part that proved insurmountable, and even then, it was an exceptional case.

Throughout my decades-long journey in the manufacturing industry, there’s one key factor that has contributed significantly to our success: employee retention. At Eberhardt, we take pride in the loyalty and dedication of our team members, with some of them having been with me for an astounding 35, 30, and 20 years, building Eberhardt alongside me.

Price | Quality | DeliverY

We have woven in the principles of Price, Quality and Delivery into the fabric of the Eberhardt brand. In the world of machining, every piece we create is a transformation of raw material into the desired part. The process involves removing material until the perfect piece emerges. It’s fascinating to witness how an idea comes to life, from a spark of inspiration at home to its implementation in the workshop. Our brains often surprise us with ingenious solutions, and we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Being a manufacturing shop comes with unique challenges. As engineers, we grapple with intricate parts, and it’s here that our partnership with Peter and his team at Eberhardt becomes crucial. They help us navigate the complexities of machining, providing valuable insights into their processes, tooling, and machine setups. By understanding their craft, we can tailor our designs to ensure they are easier to manufacture and produce superior results.

 Our reputation for innovation and technical expertise has led to fruitful partnerships with clients, including the renowned Imax. Collaborating with them on subsystems for their laser projection system, we navigated challenges and honed our solutions to meet their high-tolerance demands. Understanding each vendor’s unique skill sets and capabilities is crucial in ensuring we get the right parts that fit the bill perfectly.

At Eberhardt, we believe in continuous improvement, seeking ways to make every process more efficient and effective. This approach has led us to explore new ventures, such as acquiring a mold shop a few years ago, expanding our capabilities even further. Innovation, paired with experienced minds and a dedicated team, has been the cornerstone of our journey. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, creating precision parts, and leaving a mark in the ever-evolving world of manufacturing.

I have always been inspired by the genius of Pythagorus,I’ve come to realize the significance of mathematics in our business. Math is the very foundation of what we do. The more complex the math, the more intricate problems we can solve. In the ever-evolving world of engineering and mathematics, I continue to be inspired by the potential to solve problems, create innovative solutions, and leave a lasting impact on the industry that has become my passion and my life’s work.

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